On 24 January 2021, CoEJ SAN  held its second ever online Tarbiyah Training for new teachers at Madaris falling under the CoEJ Spiritual Academies Network (SAN). The goal this time was a bit more ambitious as we took on the challenge to train double the number of teachers we trained in November 2020 – a whopping 43 teachers!


Alhamdulillah the training was a massive success. We would like to thank our facilitators Sr. Fatim Panjwani, Sr. Shabniz Kaba, Br. Shahid Ladha, Sr. Rubab Ladha and Sr. Mariam Hassam for delivering a fantastic training.


Below are some pictures from the training.






Some of the feedback received from participants was:


“I learnt about some interactive tools I could use like wordwall.net. How to be mindful of integrating various subjects in the lesson. How to understand the learners style of learning and mould the lesson to suit the style..”

“To plan my lessons with an integrated and learner centred approach and to teach 1 concept well is better than trying to get through 3 concepts in a rush on the same event.”

“The lesson was very interactive. Time just flew by..”

“Really enjoyed listening to the excellent facilitators.”


On Sunday 07 February, CoEJ SAN Facilitators held a Micro Teach for madrasah teachers who had attended the Tarbiyah Training in January. This marked the end of the Tarbiyah Training. Congratulations to all our newly trained teachers – may Allah bless you infinitely and grant you every success with this new skill!


Below are some pictures from the Micro Teach





Some of the feedback received from the Micro Teach included:

“It was very helpful for me because it made me feel confident about myself to teach”

“It was quite helpful and the facilitators were very kind and welcoming.”

“Great way to get teaching practice and be more comfortable teaching”