On the evening of Wednesday 1st of December 2020. The Council of European Jamaats under its Madaris board (SAN) had organised the Sixth Annual Madrasah Leadership teams (MLT) workshop for all Madaris in Europe.

The workshop was attended by over fifty individuals and the overall topic was The Online Platform.

The evening started by a Quran reflection by Sr. Najma Dhalla Datoo who also shared resources from the Academy of learning Islam.

The main objective of the evening was for Madaris to learn from each other and discuss some of the challenges that they were facing.

A teleconference a few weeks prior was first organised with principals to look at the agenda and to find out what the topics were that needed to be at the table on the day.

Online platform:
1. Student engagement
2. Student assessment
3. Quran
4. Content breakup

The above topics were discussed in breakout rooms and then debriefed to the wider group.

The main takeaway was that an online sharing resource bank was required for sharing of madrasah resources that were created such as Kahoot quizzes. The challenges and bottleneck seemed to be vetting of resources.

On a poll 56% of the attendees thought that an online MLT would be the way forward in 2021 even if Covid-19 restrictions were not in place any longer.

76 % of the attendees scored a 4 or 5 score for the process of the breakout room being effective for learning and sharing.

And an overwhelming 80% plus felt the three hours was adequate time for the MLT.

Please see some pictures from the MLT below.