Notice is hereby given for the Eight ECM

Notice is hereby given for the Eight Executive Council meeting for the term 2021-2024, in accordance with clause 6.10 of our constitution – twenty-one days before the meeting. Date: Saturday 20 April 2024 Time: from 9:00 U.K. time Venue: Al- Abbas Islamic Centre, Birmingham Azmina Hansraj Secretary General 30 March 2024

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CoEJ Spouse Selection Event

Join us on 9th July 2023 as Sheikh Ayub Rashid, and facilitators Dr Sarfraz Jeraj and Sister Nawal Jeraj delve into the fascinating process of spouse selection and help you navigate your way to finding the right life partner. Together we’ll unpick the complex topics of what shapes our expectations of a partner, what members […]

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Dhu al-hijjah, 1444AH Crescent Forecast

Astronomical New Moon is on Sunday, 18th June, 2023, at 5:37am. It is not expected to be seen with the unaided eye after sunset anywhere in the world The calculations for crescent visibility on Sunday, 18th June, 2023, for London are as follows: Sunset 9:21pm Moonset 10:23pm Crescent age 15 hours 44 minutes Time duration […]

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