On 25 October 2020, CoEJ ran it’s first ever Building Mental Resilience Workshop facilitated by Br Inayat Moledina from Toronto.

Br Inayat started by taking the participants through the triggers that can cause stress.

The participants were given examples of various scenarios in order to illustrate different kinds of stress triggers as well as to illustrate ways to mitigate the stress and find solutions to these triggers, and problems arising from them.

The workshop revolved around how to control stress and one’s reaction to it, and using rationale to deal with difficult situations.

The participants were organised into breakout rooms, where they were given a scenario to deal with and had to identify triggers and also provide solutions to the stressful situation and present these before the other groups

Below are some pictures from the workshop:

NASIMCO and CoEJ are working together on a number of fronts. The course was fully booked and feedback was so positive, we decided to run a session in Gujrati. Click here to book.