The 2020 CoEJ Annual Conference took place virtually on Sunday, 18 October 2020 and was convened by CoEJ Secretary General, Murtaza Bharwani. The Conference started with a beautiful recitation of the Holy Qur’an by Councillor Sayed Mohammed Naqvi. President Dr Akber Mohamedali gave an informative and inspiring speech, followed by Assistant Secretary General, Tawfiqali Jivraj, who talked about all the work CoEJ has been doing to achieve operational excellence. After Treasurer, Mohamed Hassan Visram’s financial report, Vice President Mahmood Hooda unveiled the new CoEJ website (coming soon) and the 2020 CoEJ Annual Report.

To view the 2020 CoEJ Annual Report as a flip-book, please click here.

To view the 2020 CoEJ Annual Report in PDF format, please click here.


After Salah, the attendees held a beautiful tribute for our dear friend and leader, Marhum Ashakhusein Rashid, which was virtually attended by his son Mohammed Abbas, and where eulogies were delivered by Birmingham Jamaat President Gulamraza Datoo, CoEJ President Dr Akber Mohamedali, CoEJ ASG Tawfiq Jivraj, and Councillor Murtaza Gulamhusein.


After a short break, the Conference was taken over by Councillor Esmat Jeraj who conducted a short, entertaining quiz on the Annual Report and the activities CoEJ undertook in 2019/2020.


Oral reports on various CoEJ activities were given by respective event leads:

  • European Hajj Mission – Br Mustafa Daya
  • Madrassah and Spiritual Academies Network (CoEJ SAN) – Councillor Mariam Hassam
  • Matrimonial Events and CoEJ ICRA – Assistant Secretary General Tawfiq Jivraj
  • Covid-19 Response Webinars – Vice President Mahmood Hooda
  • Emotional Support Skills and YMHFA Trainings – Br Ammar Farishta
  • Capital Projects undertaken by Member Jamaats – Dr Husein Jiwa
  • Khoja Heritage Festival – Br Chaik Moussabay
  • Capacity Building and Wellbeing Projects – Dr Sarfraz Jeraj

    Here are some of the pictures from these presentations:


    The event was a huge success, with high attendance due to its virtual nature. All attending Jamaat Councillors and Delegates received the opportunity to interact and engage with one another on several issues of community importance and connect with CoEJ on a deeper level. We look forward to further collaborating with all Member Jamaats and seeing Jamaat representatives in person for the 2021 Conference next year, if the situation permits inshaAllah.


    Some of the highlights of the CoEJ 2019-2020 term that were discussed at the AGM included:


    The true representation of the success of the AGM was a new milestone that the Councillors at CoEJ reached in the form of a resolution. In the spirit of community, CoEJ affirmed its values at the Annual Conference and passed the below resolution in line with its ethos of unity and brotherhood: