The Education Desk seek to help develop the community in regards to academia. Flagship projects include Revision Camp, UCAS/Careers Fair and children’s summer camp.

Register for the 6th Annual Madrasah Leadership Teams (MLT) Workshop

The CoEJ Spiritual Academies Network (SAN) is pleased to be holding its 6th Annual Madrasah Leadership Teams (MLT) Workshop on 1 December 2020, the first of its kind to be fully online! The MLT Workshop is set to take place from 7pm to 10pm GMT via Zoom.   In light of the current extraordinary situation […]

2nd CoEJ Online Tarbiyah Training

On 24 January 2021, CoEJ SAN  held its second ever online Tarbiyah Training for new teachers at Madaris falling under the CoEJ Spiritual Academies Network (SAN). The goal this time was a bit more ambitious as we took on the challenge to train double the number of teachers we trained in November 2020 – a […]

Islamic Legal Theory – ICRA Advance Course Module 2

The Second CoEJ ICRA Advanced Course ‘Islamic Legal Theory‘ took place last weekend. This course was brilliantly delivered by Sheikh Ayub Rashid for three days from 29 to 31 January 2021.   This course had a good turnout with 22 participants.   Below is some of the feedback received from participants:   Most enjoyable/valuable takeaways: […]

CoEJ Online Tarbiyah Training – June 2021

CoEJ SAN held another online Tarbiyah Training on Sunday 20 June 2021.   The training consisted of two sessions. The morning session was on the principles and essence of the Tarbiyah curriculum and the afternoon session had Lesson Demos for both bands A-B and Bands C-F.   Alhamdulillah the training was well-received by the attendees. […]

Tateel al-Qur’an Competition

Tarteel al-Qur’an Competition PACE is pleased to launch the Tarteel al-Qur’an Competition – an opportunity to recite, memorise and understand the commentary of the ayahs of the Holy Quran. To register for the competition, fill the form below Tarteel al-Qur’an Competition, Leicester For all age groups, ladies and gents – to be held from […]

Camp CoEJ 2023!

CoEJ are pleased to launch Camp CoEJ 2023 for Boys and Girls children aged 11-14. This will take place on 4th to 7th August 2023 ❗️ LIMITED SPACES ❗️ ❗️GIRLS SPACES FULL ❗️ Registration Link: Click Here

Kampala Cenetary Program 2023 | By Barkat Ali Ismail Walji

KAMPALA CENTENARY PROGRAM (26th September – 3rd October 2023) The tyres screeched as we landed at Entebbe airport, disembarking with trepidation for it was here, almost exactly 51 years ago, when we had been forcibly removed by the then President Field Marshall Idi Amin Dada. We passed through customs with the efficiency of an African […]