Module 5 of the ICRA Course on Hadith that took place last weekend was overbooked, and exceedingly insightful!⠀

Thank you to our 37 wonderful participants, and especially to Sister Nazmina Dhanji for delivering an brilliant series and her insightful and illuminating analyses!

Participants were asked what the most valuable and enjoyable aspects of the Hadith module were.

Some of the responses received from participants included:

“I loved the way it was presented with no bias with both pros and cons. It actually gave me insight on how hadith are scrutinized and tested for sahih.”

“I think its widely needed knowledge in todays world and will appreciate similar modules for enabling to understand religion better.”

“Clear explanation – timeline to put everything into context. brilliant tutor . Found it really beneficial as I always wondered who these people were when mentioned for pulpits and how the ahadith books were compiled.”

The next module is Duas and Ziarat delivered by Shaykh Vinay Khetia and will take place from 5 March to 7 March 2021.