Module 7 of the ICRA Course on Theology that took place last weekend was a extremely detailed and thought provoking!⠀

Thank you to all our wonderful participants, and especially to Sheikh Jaffer Ladak for his deep analyses and for taking the extra time to answer all the questions!

Participants were asked what the most valuable and enjoyable aspects of the Theology module were. Some of the responses received included:

“The most valuable part of the course was the Sheikh’s dissection of the main arguments for what constitutes aqeedah in the usulul madhab vs usulul deen debate, furthermore the course was good for the layman in showing the importance of just a single proof for God.”

“The lecturer presented an outstanding introduction to theological studies that has wet the appetite for going beyond maybe into Hawza itlsef.”

“The sessions were excellent as always with COEJ. This class gave a lot to reflect on when it came to my own beliefs and how Islam should be used. I also grasped many different opinions of scholars on the same issue which shows how diverse and interesting our ulema can be and allowed me to associate myself to an extent with an opinion.”

The next module is Philosophy taught by Dr. Zoheir Ali Esmail and will take place from 26 March to 28 March 2021.