Module 9 of the ICRA Course on Philosophy that took place last weekend was overbooked, and extremely deep and thought provoking!⠀

Thank you to all our wonderful participants, and especially to Dr. Zoheir Ali Ismail for his deep analyses and for taking the time to answer all the questions!

Participants were asked what the most valuable and enjoyable aspects of the Theology module were. Some of the responses received included:

“Thought experiments, evolvement of philosophy and challenges, outlining of differing opinions and richness in thought.”

“Sheikh Zoheir was really knowledgeable.”

“Right lecturer for this topic.”

“It was explained in language that anyone could understand.”

“I liked that he was approachable, acknowledged the questions.”

“Providing clarity on what is a very difficult and abstract subject.”

The next module is Irfan taught by Dr. Isa Jahangir and will take place from 2 April to 4 April 2021