Module 4 of the ICRA Course on History (Shia History) that took place last weekend was overbooked, and extremely interesting and informative!⠀

Thank you to our 35 wonderful participants, and especially to Sheikh Kumail Rajani for delivering an amazing and captivating course!

Participants were asked what the most valuable and enjoyable aspects of the Shia History module were.

Some of the responses received from participants included:

“This was by far the most engaging and informative session I’ve joined for a very long time. The timeline and different perspectives were perfectly explained with time for the very useful discussion at the end of each session.”

“Innovative, breadth and depth of content, excellent presentation material, insightful, balanced, questions well answered, classifications very helpful, enjoyed contextualisation and geography and chronology.”

“It was challenging and thought provoking. The history was not as clear cut as I thought It would be and also brought to the light the dynamism and vibrancy of the early years of the Shia school of thought.”

The next module is Hadith delivered by Sister Nazmina Dhanji and will take place from 19 February to 21 February 2021