The Online Tarbiyah training was run on Saturday 21 November 2020 and was fully booked with 24 teachers in attendance. This was the first time CoEJ SAN was delivering this training on an online platform.

The morning session was on the principles and essence of Tarbiyyah.

The afternoon session had both Lesson Demos (bands A-B and Bands C-F) one after the other for different age students. The session finished 4:20pm.

The Lesson Demos and the debrief on using an online platform were highlighted as one of the things the teachers really took away from the session.

The three main platforms used were Mentimeter, Near Pod and Jam Board.

Below are some of the pictures from the event.

Some of the feedback received from the Tarbiyah Training is below.

The most valuable learning I am taking away from this training workshop is:

“How to conduct an online class.”

“How to keep the students engaged by making the lesson interactive.”

“The lesson demo was the most useful as it showed practically how to deliver the lesson.”

“The structure of each lesson and what the components are.”

“The different approach to teaching students Alhamdullilah.”


The aspect I enjoyed most about the training workshop:

“The small rooms were a great format to talk freely, given such a large amount of participants.”

“The integrating part of the lesson which made us to participate and join the learning process and also thinking about what we learn.”

“The lesson demo gave me an idea of how to teach the lesson in a positive way.”

“The interactive nature of the workshop and the delivery by the facilitators.”

“The team were very well organised and delivered the training on time and everyone’s views were taken onboard.”

Due to high demand, CoEJ will hold the next session for Online Tarbiyah Training on Sunday, 24 January 2021. Click here to register now!