The Online Teach Skills Programme was held on 5&6, 12&13 and 19 December 2020. This was the first time CoEJ SAN delivered the TSP on an online platform. The TSP was attended by teachers from across different Madaris.


The course is normally 2.5 days face to face and was adapted to 5 half day sessions for an online platform. The sessions were made up of 4 training sessions and 1 microteach session.


Some of the objectives of the training included:

– Understanding the roles and responsibilities of a teacher
– Looking at the qualities of an ideal teacher
– Exploring different learning styles
– Gaining an understanding of inclusive learning
– Learning lesson planning skills
– Understanding reflective practice
– Experiencing teaching a lesson


Below is a picture from the event.

Please see the below feedback received from participants:

The TSP course was a thorough and well-organized training. I really enjoyed each and every moment as the content was well structured, informative and incredibly useful. I particularly enjoyed the visual illustrations, which made the content easily understandable and very effective. I will surely recommend this training to all Madrasah teachers as it will be for our own self-development when delivering a lesson. It will also enhance our teaching ability by building knowledge, skills and teaching techniques. While focusing on these skills, The Micro teach program also gave us an opportunity to practise these skills and boost our self-confidence. I am very thankful to Sayyid Aliraza Naqvi and all facilitators who were involved in the preparation and execution of this training.  May Allah swt reward all of them abundantly. Ameen.


The TSP teacher training was a breath of fresh air! (a long one though as it was online over 5 sessions). The training offered more of a soul searching, tear jerking, emotional motivation, than a manual on how to teach! Of course elements of what makes a good teacher, how to engage the learners and how to conduct a class, from idea to lesson plan and delivery was covered, but not in a conventional fashion. What I enjoyed is that a lot of these learning outcomes came as a result of organic discussion, shared real stories and experiences and specifically targeted activities rather then a dry text of information. I think Syed’s input and talks were very passionate and real. He did a brilliant job of moving us all from our brain space to our heart and soul space… and that really is the key to imparting knowledge. If it comes from the heart and soul it touches and can change children’s lives. He reminded us soo well, to think about why it is that we choose to do what we do as teachers and truly gave me a new found respect not only for teachers but also for myself which was a bonus 🙂