What is Zakat al-Fitra?

‘Zakat al-Fitra’ is a religious tax paid on the day when Muslims break the fasting period at the end of the month of Ramadan.

As Muslims across the world spend the last days of Ramadan in prayer, performing good deeds and taking care of their religious accountabilities, paying Zakat al-Fitra is among those dues that are foremost in our minds.


The Zakatul Fitra 1442AH calculation is estimated at:

For UK For Europe, (Equivalent to) For Scandinavia, (Equivalent to) For Swiss, (Equivalent to)
£5.00 Euro 6.00 SEK 60.00 CHF 6.50

To Pay your Zakatul Fitra, please click here.


Niyah (Intention while transferring the Zakatul Fitra:

“I am appointing the person or persons responsible for Zakat al-Fitra matters of such and such organization (The Council of European Jamaats or local Jamaat Name) to distribute this as Zakat al-Fitra to the deserving needy on my behalf in accordance with shar’i rules, qurbatan ilallah.”


 What happens if we invite guests on eve of Eid ul Fitr?

The fiṭra of a guest who arrives at one’s house after sunset on the eve of Eīd al-Fiṭr is, based on precaution, obligatory on the host provided that the guest is considered to be the host’s dependent; otherwise, it is not. If a person is invited to break his fast (ifṭār) on the eve of Eīd al-Fiṭr, he is not considered to be the host’s dependent and the guest’s fiṭra is not the responsibility of the owner of the house. (Ruling 2008)



We also take this opportunity to remind the Momineen that the CoEJ is also collecting Fidya for those who are unable to fast due to illness or old age. The amount of Fidya is £1.50 for each fast.

For UK For Europe, (Equivalent to) For Scandinavia, (Equivalent to) For Swiss, (Equivalent to)
£1.50 Euro 2.00 SEK 18.00 CHF 2.00

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