Fitra and Fidya rates | Ramadhan 1445AH


  • Euro 1.20
  • USD 1.30
  • GBP 1
  • SEK 13.20
  • CHF 1.10


  • Euro 7.20
  • USD 7.80
  • GBP 6
  • SEK 79
  • CHF 6.70


  • Euro 72
  • USD 78
  • GBP 60
  • SEK 792
  • CHF 66

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What is Fitra, Fidya and Kaffara?

When a person is unable to fast due to a valid reason such as travel, illness, old age, harmful levels of thirst or hunger, or oppression, Allah allows them to make up the missed fast(s), if possible, or offer Fidya in which a needy person is fed for each missed fast. Kaffara is made for fasts missed in the month of Ramadan without a valid reason.

Fitra is a required charity given at the end of Ramadan, and before Eid-ul-Fitr prayers, to show gratitude to Allah for allowing us to observe the obligatory fasts in Ramadan with compassion and steadfastness. The head of household pays it on behalf of every family member, and it is compulsory for every individual who has sufficient food for themselves and their family.