Joint Guidance Statement on Voting for Muslims in the UK

Dear Members of the UK Muslim Community As the general election approaches, Majlis e Ulama e Shia (MUS Europe) & The Council of European Jamaats (COEJ) would like to urge all eligible voters within our communities to actively participate in shaping the future in the UK. Your vote is your voice, and it is essential that it is heard. This guidance aims to empower our communities with the knowledge and tools necessary to participate effectively in the democratic process, upholding the principles of justice and social responsibility.

1. Register to Vote

The first step in making your voice heard is ensuring you are registered to vote. The deadline to register is 18th June. You can register online quickly and easily by visiting the official UK government website:

2. The Importance of this Election

This election is crucial, not only from an economic standpoint but also from a geopolitical perspective. The decisions made by the next government will have lasting impacts on:

  • Economic Stability and Growth: The policies chosen will affect job creation, taxation, public services, and the overall economic health of the UK. With rising living costs and economic uncertainties, it is vital to elect representatives who will prioritise the well-being of all citizens.
  • International Relations and Peace: The UK’s stance on international issues, including conflicts and alliances, will influence global peace and stability. It is important to choose leaders who will advocate for justice and diplomacy on the world stage.

3. Key Voting Consideration: Ceasefire in Gaza

When deciding who to vote for, consider the voting records of Members of Parliament (MPs) on critical issues, such as the recent ceasefire in Gaza. The stance and actions of MPs on this matter are of profound significance:

  • Humanitarian Concerns: Support for a ceasefire reflects a commitment to peace and the protection of innocent lives. Reviewing MPs’ positions on this issue can guide you in selecting candidates who align with your values on human rights and international justice.
  • Policy Consistency: The voting record of MPs can indicate their broader foreign policy approach. Those who advocate for a ceasefire may also support other measures promoting global peace and security.

For detailed voting records of MPs, you can refer to the House of Commons Voting Records ( and TheyWorkForYou (

4. Tactical Voting

In some constituencies, tactical voting may be required depending on the history of your constituency’s voting record. Tactical voting can help prevent a less favorable candidate from winning by supporting the candidate who has the best chance of success.

  • Understanding Constituency Dynamics: Review the historical voting patterns in your constituency to determine if tactical voting is necessary. In areas where the race is close, your vote can make a significant impact.
  • Using Resources: If you live in a densely populated Muslim area, ‘The Muslim Vote’ ( can be a valuable tool to see who is best placed to make an impact in your constituency.

5. Promoting Social Justice

Providing this guidance aligns with one of our main charitable aims: to promote social justice in the world. By encouraging informed and strategic voting, we help ensure that our values and concerns are represented in the political sphere, contributing to a more just and equitable society

6. Making an Informed Decision

As non-partisan organisations, Majlis e Ulama e Shia (Europe) & Centre of European Jammats encourage you to use available resources to make an informed decision:

  • Review Party Manifestos: Understand the policies and promises of different parties regarding the economy, healthcare, education, and foreign policy.
  • Evaluate Candidate Records: Investigate the track record of candidates in your constituency, focusing on their stance on key issues that matter to you and the community.
  • Engage in Discussions: Participate in community forums and discussions to gain diverse perspectives and insights.

By considering these factors, you can make a thoughtful and informed choice in the upcoming election. Remember, your vote is not just a right but a responsibility to contribute to the future of our society.

Co-signed by:

Maulana Ali Raza Rizvi, Vice President, Majlis e Ulama e Shia Europe 

Salim Rehmatullah, President, Council of European Jamaats

Infographic PDF: UK Election Guidance carousel

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