CoEJ is pleased and honoured to present ‘In Our Own Words‘, an e-book documenting the lived experiences of those in our communities experiencing mental health challenges.


The aim of this project is to promote awareness and help community members grasp the extent of the difficulties faced by their brothers and sisters. We especially hope to educate those among us who have had minimal to no exposure to mental health issues.


We extend our sincerest thanks to the deeply brave men and women who took the initiative to contribute their stories, and to all those who gave this project the support it needed, especially the esteemed Sheikh Shafiq Hudda.


The book is complete with artwork from one of the CoEJ Wellbeing Team members, as well as beautiful posters that you can print, reflect on, and use to decorate your space to uplift yourself.


Please read the book below.



If you are not able to view the ebook on your phone, please click on this icon above and use your fingers to zoom in to the text. Alternatively, you may use this  icon above to download the e-book onto your phone and read it using your phone’s PDF reader.


We hope you find this project beneficial and insightful inshaAllah.