As you may be aware, our community in India is in dire difficulty due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis and CoEJ has received an urgent and heartfelt appeal from the Mumbai Jamaat requesting for support. In an email received today, Al Hajj Safder bhai Karmali, President of the KSI Jamaat, Mumbai told us:


“Mumbai is the epicentre of the furious second wave of Covid19 and not only have we lost quite a few gems of our community, scores of our families are inflicted with this virus and many are fighting a battle of life and death.


The current lockdown has pushed the needy segment of our community in further abyss. The severity of the situation in Mumbai can be gauged from the fact that a respected member of our community even contemplated suicide because of the burden of debt, lack of income and his inability to provide two basic meals a day to his family.


Just a few hours ago, we got a call for immediate help for an elderly couple, both of whom had tested positive for Covid19. In the past one month, there have been multiple cases of hospitalisation and Mumbai Jamat has offered them the best possible support. That apart, our distressed members daily reach out to us for Medical assistance and this figure alone is approximately Rs.4 lacs each month.


The request for aid is ever increasing, but on the other hand, the sources of our income have completely dried off.


We therefore urge you to donate generously towards this worthy cause and take advantage of the opportunities the Almighty (SWT) has provided us with during these divine nights and during the rest of this Holy month of Ramadhan. You can also donate your Khums money as the Mumbai Jamaat has the Ijaza of Ayatollah Sayyid Ali al-Sistani for collection of Sehme Imam for Inter-alia Education and Medical assistance of Members.


To donate towards the India Covid-19 Emergency Appeal click here.