The Khoja Heritage Festival 2021 that took place on 23 May 2021, was an absolute success and a wonderful and lively event that was attended online by over 870 members of our communities alhamdulillah.

The event was kickstarted by recitation of the Holy Qur’an as well as speeches by CoEJ President Dr. Akber Mohamedali as well as President of the Peterborough Jamaat, Br. Rizwan Rahemtullah.

The Festival then moved on to various speakers describing the history of various CoEJ Jamaats, including the South Paris Jamaat, the Trollhattan Jamaat, and the Marsta Jamaat.

This was followed by the Children’s Gujarati Speech Competition, where the children of our communities competed in delivering speeches in Gujarati. MashaAllah all the participants were very talented and it was very difficult for the judges to decide on a single winner, which is why they decided to pick two winners, Neha Doungar and Soukaina Zahir. However, the judges were so impressed with the remaining participants, that we decided to award consolation prizes to all the remaining participants.

Next we were joined by Sr Fatimah Hameer from the Wessex Jamaat to talk about Khoja migration and history of the Wessex Jamaat.

Later, the Khoja Heritage Exhibition took place, led by Sr Zainab Master, and thereafter a short clip about the Khoja Spaces Exhibition of the Mulla Asghar Memorial Library and Islamic Resource Centre.

This was followed by a speech and a question and answer session with Dr. Hasnain Walji.

Before the end of the program, there was a fun quiz, with two winners for the quiz, Br Mountazir and ‘GG London’, who will be getting very special prizes inshaAllah.

To watch this beautiful, entertaining, and illuminating event, please click below.



Please see some pictures from the event:


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