The key to bridging the path from unawareness to enlightenment is honest, open and powerful communication!

CoEJ are delighted to launch the “Khoja Konnection Podcast” with the aim and intention of doing just that!

Our mission is to bridge the gap between all the Jamaats and bringing people’s attention to CoEJ and all the fantastic work the organisation does, as well as create a forum for our amazing Jamaat bodies to share experiences, journeys and inspiration with one another.

We have a line up of really motivational and inspiring servants of our communities, across the CoEJ jamaats and ecosystem, who will share their stories, experience, challenges and inner most insights for our grassroots community!

At CoEJ, we want to be at the forefront of challenging what the norm has been to unlearn and re-learn new ways of being, new mindsets, in order to grow through conversations.

Led by our Media desk lead, Doureine Hiridjee, who is a Life coach, Hypnotherapist and NLP trained and lover of self-development, we will bring to you open and curiosity led discussions with some very interesting conversations.

We invite our wonderful viewers to watch with compassion and love and be open and receiving and take some learnings and lessons from other people’s experiences as this is the key to true growth.

We will learn about their purpose, drive, passion, intention, vision… and some burning answers to the hot issues faced throughout the Khoja world!

So join us as we Celebrate connectedness and openness – Create a hub of collaboration – Inspire – Change mindsets!

AND deep dive in creating Konnection through conversations!

Watch the trailer here: