On Sunday 3rd of January 2021, 31 young people between the ages of 11 to 15 years from Noor Al Asr Youth Group participated in the Let’s Talk Well-Being Workshop run by CoEJ. The workshop was facilitated by Sr. Ridhae Sheikh and Br. Danial Naqvi.


The objectives of this course were to:

1. Improve awareness and understanding of wellbeing
2. Recognising signs of stress and understand how to tackle it
3. Promote a culture of seeking help, and
4. Encourage peer support and accessing resources and services. 


When asked what was the one thing they learnt and the one thing they would do differently after the workshop, some of the answers from young people included:

“Take advantage of my blessings and keep in touch with my family and friends.”

“Note down how i’m feeling and why.”

“Keep a mood diary.”

“Play football with my dad.”

“Write a letter to my future self.”


Please see below some of the feedback received from parents.

“Thank you to all the organisers. Helpful session and much needed at this time”

“Thank you so much for organising such a wonderful session. My daughter really enjoyed the session. May Allah reward you”

“Thank you for a very informative session, my son found it very beneficial. May Allah reward all the organisers and presenters for their efforts.”


Below are some pictures from the workshop.







If any Madrasah is interested in having the Let’s Talk Wellbeing Workshop for their students then please write to us at secretariat@coej.org.