Commercial Mediation

The Commercial branch of the CoEJ Mediation Service provides you with CEDR accredited mediators trained in commercial dispute resolution, who will help you amicably resolve business disputes and come to a binding mutually beneficial agreement with the other party. We charge a small nominal fee for the Commercial and Business mediation service, in order to help us cover the basic costs of the mediation.



Court proceedings are generally very expensive and the overall costs can be unpredictable. Mediation, however, can often be much faster and much cheaper than going to trial.



The CoEJ Mediation service is fully confidential. What you talk about during mediation sessions is absolutely confidential, as is anything you say privately to your mediator.



CoEJ Commercial Mediators are CEDR and CMC (Civil Mediation Council) accredited and professionally trained in commercial dispute resolution.

Mediation is confidential and without prejudice, which means that things said in the mediation cannot be relied on if there is no settlement and the parties later go to Court. It is an entirely voluntary process, and the parties are not bound until they sign a settlement agreement. Mediation is effective, given that the signed settlement agreement is an enforceable legal document. Finally, it is significantly cheaper and quicker than litigation.

The role of the mediator is not to decide the dispute or to impose a solution on the parties, but to facilitate a constructive discussion between the parties in order to assist them to arrive at a solution that they can all move forward with.

Our commercial mediation service is provided by accredited mediators with significant experience in a range of commercial disputes.

Our current panel members are:

Zahra Al-Rikabi

Zahra Al-Rikabi is a barrister at Brick Court Chambers, where she has a broad practice that encompasses commercial litigation, EU law, public law and human rights and public international law. She is a CEDR accredited mediator and is a member of the London Chamber of Arbitration and Mediation’s panel of arbitrators. You can read her full profile at:

We charge a reasonable fee for commercial mediation, starting at just £100 per party. Please note that our commercial mediators offer their services for free, and so the money paid for our commercial mediation service is put straight back into training our cohort of family and community mediators, admin costs, maintaining the relevant licenses, organising a venue for the mediation, and the indemnity insurance of our mediators.

Value of case (claim and any counterclaim)  Fees per party (no VAT)  Time limitation unless mutually agreed otherwise including by mediator and those of venue provider   Additional fee for extension hours, per party and pro rata, should extension be agreed by all concerned 
£1,000 to £4,999*  £100  2 hours**  £100 
£5,000 to £14,999*  £300  3 hours  £100 
£15,000 to £49,999  £425  4 hours  £100 
£50,000 and above  Price on enquiry. 


* Please note that if you have a dispute of less than £10,000 you may be offered a free 1 hour telephone mediation service by the Court once you have issued a claim form. There is a fee for issuing a claim form. For more information, visit:  

If you are a consumer and your dispute concerns the sale of goods and services the trader is required to provide you with the name and website address of an approved Alternative Dispute body. For more information, visit:    

**Please note that there is a presumption that mediations of 2 hours or less will be done online. This is left to the discretion of the mediator.  

The Civil Mediation Council (CMC) runs a system of voluntary regulation for civil/commercial and workplace mediators and providers. Mediators and providers registered with the CMC abide by a Code of Conduct, have been trained to acceptable industry standards, have suitable insurance, carry out continuing training and development, and offer access to a complaints process if needed.

Find out more about the CMC and CMC accredited mediators here.

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