Family and Community Mediation

Family and Community Mediation

The Family and Community branch of the CoEJ Mediation Service is specially tailored to amicably and effectively resolve disputes between family members, relatives, spouses, friends, and community members, by encouraging dialogue and communication in a safe and respectful environment. Family and Community Mediation is offered fully free of charge.



The CoEJ Family and Community Mediation Service is absolutely free of charge.



The CoEJ Mediation service is fully confidential. What you talk about during mediation sessions is absolutely confidential, as is anything you say privately to your mediator.



CoEJ Mediatiors are professionally trained by an accredited course provider registered at the UK College of Mediators and are bound by a strict code of conduct.

Our Mediators

With the services of a professional trainer from LADR, a provider registered under the College of Mediators, we upskilled our first cohort of mediators in November 2019 and over a period of several follow-up training sessions.

We also trained a new cohort of mediators over three weekends in February 2020 using the same professional service provider. We broadened the remit of mediators who are therefore able to support our community members experiencing marital, family, community, and business disputes. We now have a pool of over 15 mediators across our communities who hope to work alongside Jamaats to provide an accessible and confidential service.

We spent an additional two weekends on 3 May and 27 June training mediators through case studies, practice sessions, and various other tools to facilitate virtual mediations so that mediations could take place online.

Currently, we have a pool of 18 professional mediators with accredited training.

Get in touch

To learn more or get started with your mediation process, e-mail us now at or call us at +44 (0)786 415 6683.

Useful Information and Resources

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Support the CoEJ Mediation Initative

In order to assist us with delivering our objectives, we rely on your donations to help us fund our variety of ongoing projects. Donations made to the CoEJ Mediation Initiative go towards the training of mediators, admin costs, maintaining the relevant licenses, organising venues for mediations, and the indemnity insurance of mediators.

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