Eid update:

Calculations by astronomers for the position of the new crescent of Shawwal for tonight, eve of 30th Ramadhan indicate very clearly that the crescent will not be in the horizons of most of the globe for it to be seen.

We therefore expect tomorrow (Friday 21st April 2023) to be 30th Ramadhan for the Muqallidin of Ayatullah Sistani (DZ) all over Europe.

For the Muqallidin of Marhum Ayatullah Khoie (RA), who allows reports of sighting to be applicable wherever night is shared, we will have to wait for reports of sightings and determine if we in Europe still share the night with that area.

CoEJ will not make an announcement until the very early hours of the morning whether or not tomorrow will be Eid for the Muqallidin of Marhum Ayatullah Khoie (RA)