Statement on the Genocide and Humanitarian Crisis in Palestine: Urgent Call for Ceasefire and Humanitarian Aid

The Council of European Jamaats

CoEJ is deeply saddened by the horrific loss of 20,000 plus innocent lives, especially among the most vulnerable—women and children—with many thousands still unaccounted for, buried in the rubble of buildings destroyed in the indiscriminate Israeli bombardment, now in its third month in the Gaza Strip. Hundreds of healthcare professionals, UN workers and journalists have been killed, and many more have been injured while bravely attempting to assist those in need.

The situation has reached a critical point; with a lack of basic necessities such as food, water, and medicine leading to further suffering and death, together with the lack of shelter and safe places for the civilian population of Gaza, exacerbates the dire situation with the onset of winter. The UN and other international organisations predict that many more will die from disease and hunger as the humanitarian catastrophe unfolds.

CoEJ, driven by our unwavering faith, expresses grave concern over the inadequate aid and resources available coupled with little or no access to Gaza. The continuing bombardment and danger to life are forcing the displacement of the people of Palestine.

We call for a lasting ceasefire and hold onto hope that it will soon be achieved with the utmost urgency.

CoEJ appeals for an immediate ceasefire and unhindered access to vital humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, as well as calling for an end to the hostilities in the West Bank where Palestinian towns and refugee camps are routinely raided with people detained without charges and due process. Over 300 Palestinians have been killed in the West Bank over the last 10 weeks. Our organisation offers heartfelt prayers for the restoration of peace and dignity for the people of Palestine. We sincerely supplicate for the swift reappearance of our awaited saviour.


With du’as,

Trustees of the Council of European Jamaats (CoEJ)