The Council of European Jamaats 

CoEJ attends WF Exco in Sydney – Australia

The WF Exco was held by Federation of Australasia at Imam Hassan Centre, Sydney, Australia.

The meeting was attended by two CoEJ Office Bearers ( Sr. Sabira Lakha – Sec Gen and Br. Mohamedali Muraj – Hon. Treasurer). The other 6 Councillors attended the meeting online. CoEJ was in full attendance.

There was attendance from Nasimco, WF and Federation of Australasia.

Despite the global timings the meeting was always in full attendance by all the councillors ready to serve.

The meeting was very fruitful and a lot of key points were discussed over the course of three days.

The World Federation enlightened us by showcasing all the work with various different projects by the Secretariat team.

The Australasia gave an opportunity for two members of the council to recite the Majlis on the Martyrdom of our Holy Prophet (SAWW) and the Martyrdom of our Second Imam Hassan (a.s).

Br. Arifali Hirji (Secretary General of WF) was given the honour to recite the Majlis on the night of the Martyrdom of the Holy Prophet (SAWW).
Br. Mohamedali Muraj (Hon. Treasurer of CoEJ) was given the honour to recite on the day of the Martyrdom of the Holy Prophet (SAWW) and the night of the Martyrdom of Imam Hassan (as). A glimpse of his lecture can be viewed on our Social Media.

We take this opportunity to thank the Federation of Australasia for their hospitality and care despite the odd hours and late nights.

Dar al Zahra (as) Centre Opening Ceremony

Dar al Zahra (as) Centre Opening Ceremony
Wessex Jamaat – 11th June 2022

Saturday 11th June, the day where we celebrated the Wiladat of Imam Ridha (as), marked the Opening Ceremony of the Dar al Zahra (as) Centre at Wessex Jamaat.

The Dar al Zahra Centre is a brand-new facility, built to a high specification in keeping with the design of the main Al Mahdi Centre, forming a beautiful addition to the Al Mahdi site, which will provide further facilities and capacity for the Al Mahdi Madrasah. This new centre will provide the Madrasah with 5 brand new classrooms, an assembly hall, and a greenhouse, kitchen and washroom facilities, as well as a beautiful courtyard, adorned with trees, benches and a water feature.

We were honoured that the opening ceremony was performed by the President of the World Federation (Sheikh Safder Jaffer), the Secretary General of CoEJ (Sabira Bai Lakha), as well as our Director of Madrasah (Sheikh Fazle Abbas) and Dar al Zahra Project Manager (Shabbir Bhai Walji).

Indeed, it was exactly ten years ago, on the Wiladat of Imam Ridha (as) that we moved into the new Al Mahdi Centre. Ten years on, the completion of the Dar al Zahra Centre is a testament to the progression, growth and development of our community and our Madrasah.

We pray that Wessex Jamaat continues to grow and develop in a way that nurtures the community towards the service of Allah, following the pristine example of the Ahlul Bayt.


CoEJ Imam Reza (P) Hardship Fund

The Khoja Shia Ithna – Asheries of East Africa 

Their Quest for a New Socio-religious Identity (1860 – 1960)

Author:- Dr Sibtain Akberali Panjwani

*Title:- The Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheries of East Africa – Their Quest for a New Socio-religious Identity (1860 – 1960)

*Author:- Dr Sibtain Akberali Panjwani

*Published by:- Africa Federation/ The Awakening Project

*Review in 40-50 words:- “ Dr Sibtain Panjwani captures 100 years of history of Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheries , their migration that turned into a quest for faith, identity, communal happiness and economic stability. It traces the origin of the Khoja community as well as its twists and turns before finally emerging as the Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheries. It is a remarkable contribution and a must read for anyone who wants to know their Khoja heritage “
*price:- £ 15.00 – $20.00 – Canadian Dollars 25.00 ( All the monies received will be remitted to Africa Federation) *pages :- 462
*weight in gms:- 0.79KG

The books are available from Hujjat Bookshop at Hujjat Stanmore or via their online –

Bulletin from Education Board of Africa Federation


For some, the word “scholarship” conjures up visions of super-intelligent college-bound kids with astronomical scores or star athletes scooping up full-ride four-year awards. The truth is that only about 0.1% of students (less than 20,000) receive full-ride scholarships each year, compared with the 6 million active college scholarships worth $30 billion that can be found.With that much available aid, your chances of getting a scholarship may be better than you think.Some Facts about Scholarships

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  • Timing is a critical element in the scholarship quest. Consider using a scholarship search service to locate funding resources before putting your own cash into the equation.
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  • It’s worth applying for grants and scholarships, regardless of your GPA or extracurricular resume. Your chances are better than you might think!

Compiled below are some scholarships program worth looking into.Fully Funded Scholarships for International StudentsBill Gates Scholarship 2023University:                         Universities in UKDegree:                             Undergraduate, Masters, PhDDeadline to Apply:              15/09/2022  For more information Visit: Scholarships 2022-2023University:                         Various Universities in GermanyDegree:                             PostgraduateDeadline to Apply:              15/10/2022  For more information Visit: Knight Hennessy Scholarship Program 2023 in the USAUniversity:                         Stanford UniversityDegree:                             PostgraduateDeadline to Apply:              12/10/2022  For more information Visit: British Scholarship 2023 University:                         Various Universities in the UKDegree:                             Undergraduate, PostgraduateDeadline to Apply:              01/11/2022  For more information Visit: Rhodes Scholarship 2023University:                         University of OxfordDegree:                             PostgraduateDeadline to Apply:              01/11/2022  For more information Visit Fulbright Scholarship 2023University:                        USA Universities and Academic InstitutionsDegree:                            Masters, PhDDeadline to Apply:              Varies per countries (Feb. to Oct. annually)For more information Visit: Monash University Australia Scholarship University:                         Monash UniversityDegree:                             UndergraduateDeadline to Apply:              VariesFor more information Visit: Khalifa University Abu Dhabi Scholarship University:                         Khalifa UniversityDegree:                             Undergraduate, PostgraduateDeadline to Apply:              VariesFor more information Visit:

Global Khoja Heritage Festival


The first ever Annual Khoja Heritage Day will be held at your local Jamaat on 22/23 October 2022! On Sunday 23rd October, the Khoja Heritage Festival will culminate with a LIVE global event which will host a speaking panel of The World Federation and Regional leaders reflecting on how we understand the past to envision our future. Find out more on this exciting event on: Join us with your elders and young ones for an exciting and inspiring event, InshaAllah

Specially Me – Let’s speak about the unspoken

Specially Me invites you to the second part of our series where we talk about important issues. You can watch the first part on the link below –
Let’s speak about the unspoken – Specially Me | 26.02.22 – YouTubeNow join us for the second part where we continue our discussion about things that really matter.
Register using the link below by 18th October –

The Muslim Convention

The Mahdi: The Living Hope

The 2022 Muslim Convention is a national event aiming to bring communities from all over the UK, providing a networking platform for Shia Muslims in order to promote their spiritual, educational, social and economic well-Being. This year’s theme will be focusing on ‘The Mahdi: The Living Hope’ focusing on the Awaited Saviour and looking at the role we play during the major occultation. We have invited 40+ International speakers together offering panel discussions, short talks, and Q&A’s focusing on the Awaited Saviour and looking at the role we play during the major occultation. We will also be holding workshops that will focus on a variety of practical hands-on topics presented by professionals in their field. The event will conclude with a big celebration of the birth of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). We work to accommodate all ages by providing a creche, Kids club and a youth programme parallel throughout the day.

🎤 40+ International Speakers and Reciters


🟢Panel discussions

▫️Short Talks


▫️Q&A Sessions



🟢Theatrical Play

▫️Creche Facilities

🟢Kids Club

▫️Youth Programme


🗓️ DATE: Sunday, 23rd October 2022



The Eastside Rooms

Birmingham, B7 4BL

🏨 Hotel Discount Code Available

Transport available for visitors travelling from:




🔹Manchester and more.

(This is on a first come first serve basis)

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Tarteel al – Qur’an Competition

Tarteel al-Qur’an Competition

PACE is pleased to launch the Tarteel al-Qur’an Competition – an opportunity to recite, memorise and understand the commentary of the ayahs of the Holy Quran.

To register for the competition, fill the form below

A separate form has to be filled for each participant

Open to all age groups male & females – to be held from 9th to 11th December 2022 at Masjidul Hussain, Leicester, UK

Amazing opportunity to come closer to the Qur’an – grab it !!

HIC Education Open Day


CoEJ Leadership Development Programme

Participants who attended the CoEJ LDP on 10th and 11th September 2022 and 1st and 2nd October 2022 in Milton Keynes