In February 2021 CoEJ held it’s first Unlock Marriage Potential Workshop facilitated by Sr. Mariam Hassam, Br. Ammar Farishta and Sr. Fatema Rahemani. This was a 2 day workshop whereby day 1 was on Sunday 14 February and day 2 was the following Sunday on 21 February.


The Unlock Marriage Potential workshop was a massive success and was attended by 7 couples including the President of CoEJ and his wife!


Please see some of the wonderful feedback received below.


100% of participants agreed they learned to identify the inherent strengths and challenges as individuals and couples based on needs, energy, and thinking.


100% of participants agreed they learned to adapt styles to communicate more effectively and create an action plan to apply these skills and techniques in everyday situations.


100% of participants agreed they met the objective.



Below are some pictures from the workshop